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Policies & Procedures
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Policies & Procedures



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Normally campouts will be held on the 2nd and/or 4th weeks of the month. An outing may be scheduled for a different period of time if circumstances prevail.

All spaces will be open and occupied according to a signup sheet, except for the host and/or wagon master. Signup sheets will be made available before and after the monthly meetings. No signups will be taken while the meeting is in session.

Generators may be used no earlier than 7:00 a.m. and no later than 10:00 p.m. or in accordance with campground rules.

Adult guests are welcome as long as they do not prevent a member from attending due to space availability. Member is responsible for guest fees and Condu Ct.

Prospective members may attend 1 campout/rally before joining the club.

Only the host or wagon master is to contact the campground unless the campground requires each member to arrange to pay for the first night. Deposit for the first night of any rally must be made when signing up. Rally host will have payment information. A cancellation date will be announced and if a cancellation is necessary, refunds may or may not be made depending on the policy of the facility.

The club will provide up to $4.00 per person for a meal. Other meal costs may be included in the camping fee or collected by the host at the campout.

Pets are permitted on a hand held leash, but not in an area where food is present. Campground pet policies will be followed. Exceptions will be made for service animals. Members with pets are responsible for clean-up after their pets and for control of noise or nuisance of pets.


A grievance shall be heard by the board of officers and shall be acted on by them in accordance with the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures of this group, the Sun City Elks #2559 and/or Grand Lodge statutes.


A $50.00 donation will be made in the person’s name to the Sun City Elks major projects (Children’s Research Center at the University of Arizona).


We are an adult only group, and conduct is according to that of an Elk, as set forth by the Sun City Elks #2559, and/or Grand Lodge statutes, or rules of any campground or Elks Lodge we visit.


If you have an emergency at a campout or rally, and you need help, blow your horn in your vehicle repeatedly and turn on your lights so that aid can be directed to you. If you have a chronic condition, it is your responsibility to have on hand medication and locate the nearest medical facility.


June, July and August will be inactive months unless a group is scheduled to rally and it is announced by the April meeting.


  • Call meeting to order; Pledge of Allegiance
  • Introduction of new members and guests
  • Reading of the minutes
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Wagon Master’s report
  • Committees
    • Membership
    • Sickness and Distress
  • Historian’s Report
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Good of the Order (Raffle)
  • Announcements
  • Adjournment



The President shall preside at all meetings, and enforce the Bylaws of the group.

The President will appoint all committee chairs and accept all volunteers for committee help.

The President will appoint a member to fill an office in case of vacancy until the end of that officer’s term. The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees except the nominating committee.

The President shall see that the Officers conduct all necessary business between meetings, and that the directives of the members are carried out .


The Vice President will assist the President in his/her duties and will assume those duties in the absence of the President.

The Vice President will assist the membership officer when needed. The Vice President will perform the duties of Parliamentarian.

The Vice President will perform the duties of Sergeant at Arms.


The Secretary will keep an accurate record of all general and Board of Officers meetings and shall advise the presiding officer of any business meetings in the agenda.

The Secretary will keep and read correspondence pertaining to the group, and shall at the direction of the President, write any necessary correspondence and updates for the Elks Lodge Chatter.


The Treasurer shall collect monies and bills from members. Monies shall be deposited in the Rambling Suns RV Group checking account and bills shall be paid accordingly. In the absence of the Treasurer the President shall act as his/her alternate.

The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all monies received and expended by this group. The Treasurer will make a report at each meeting.

The Treasurer shall keep a current list of all paid up members.

The Treasurer shall deliver all monies, records and books to his/her successor.


The Wagon Master will be the chair of all hosts, and will work with, advise and assist the host.

As early as possible the Wagon Master will furnish notice of upcoming campouts to members and introduce hosts of these campouts.

The Wagon Master will be responsible for all property belonging to our group that pertains to the campout/rally. An updated inventory should be kept.


The Historian/Webmaster will be responsible for collecting pictures and other articles to preserve our history as a group. A written narrative of the year’s activities shall be included. Anything interesting from the meetings, parties and campouts will make the history book an invaluable part of the group’s history. The book should be available to all members at all meetings and/or campouts. He/she will keep and maintain the group website. He/she will provide instruction to members on how to use the website and will keep the membership current on its contents.


The membership officer will be in charge of new member applications, and shall see that the new members are made to feel welcome. He/she shall answer all questions that the new member may have and collect the membership fees and dues. He/she will give monies collected to the treasurer with a list of member information. He/she will collect annual dues and give same to the treasurer with a list of paid members. In addition, the membership officer will maintain a roster of current members and officers, which shall include their name, address, city, zip, telephone number, cell phone number, emergency contact and e-mail address. He/she shall maintain a file of members and periodically shall update the roster. In addition, he/she shall order badges. Each new member will receive a membership packet to include a roster, Bylaws and Policies and Procedures. A signed Liability Clause shall be made part of each membership record. 


Hosts shall be volunteers, and shall work with and under the advice of the Wagon Master. Host shall suggest and secure campout/rally locations. Host will plan and oversee their campout. Host will contact the campground and make information available to members at meetings as soon as available. This should include price, date, cancellation policy, mileage to, suggested route, interest points, pet policy, campground rules, deposit and reservation date and any other pertinent information. Host shall provide the Wagon master with a list of members and phone numbers prior to rally. Host will correct all reservations and fees and shall give fees to the Treasurer.

Host shall obtain a check from the group Treasurer to pay all the expenses, deposits, and payments to the facility. Host will be responsible for obtaining any group equipment from the Wagon Master and returning same to the Wagon Master after each campout. Host should contact campground well in advance. The Wagon Master can help with this. Start early. Host should have 3 months to plan, one to plan, one to collect reservations and fees and one to get ready. Host should be prepared to give a talk on the campout. The host should keep a record of the campout and pass it on to the Wagon Master and Historian.


All Officers should keep a file of receipts and information pertaining to that office, and anything helpful they have to pass on to their successor at the end of their term to facilitate smooth transition of officers and continuity of the group. Every member is obligated to host or co-host a campout/rally. If no one volunteers the President may nominate someone. It is not fair for the same persons to host over and over again. You have the experience of the Wagon Master and previous hosts to draw from.  YOU CAN HOST!


Campground rules must always be obeyed.


Amended October 9, 2016
Signed by President Neil Kather