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Guide for Rally Host and Co-Host
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Guide for Rally Host & Co-Host

of the Sun city elks #2559


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  1. Decide to Host and Co-Host and let Wagon Master know at least 90 days in advance. Camp outs that do not have a host 60 days out will be Per Policy and Procedure:  Every member is obligated to host or co-host a camp out/rally.

Per Bylaws:  Campouts will be held the 2nd and/or the 4th weeks of the month, when practical, so as not to conflict with Lodge meeting night.

Per Bylaws:  The Wagon Master or Host shall be the only group person to contact the campground for any reason regarding the camp out.

Per Bylaws:  Reservations should be made with the Host.  Due to campground policy, you may lose your fees if you fail to cancel or attend a campout.  Cancellation policy information shall be made available by the Host. It is preferable that the Host collect reservations and fees. Campground policies may make it necessary to allow individual attendees to reserve their own site via phone or email.

  1. Decide on number of people that can attend the rally, based on campground, room size, and the Host’s own limits.
  2. Prepare a sign-up sheet for the meeting which should include, but not be limited to, name of resort, address, altitude, amenities, date in and date out, cost of first night, total cost, special requirements for this outing, Host and Co-Host name, emails and phone numbers, cancellation policy, mileage to, suggested route, pet policy, and campground rules.

Per Policy and Procedure: All spaces will be open and occupied to a sign-up sheet, except Host and Wagon Master.  Sign-up sheets will be available before and after the monthly meeting.  No sign-up will be taken during the monthly meeting.

  1. Man the sign-up sheet at the meeting, answer questions, and present to the group.

Per Policy and Procedure: The club will provide up to $3.00 per person for the rally.  Other meal costs may be included in the camping fee or collected by the Host at the campout.

  1. Keep all receipts in order to be reimbursed. Coordinate receipts with Host and Co-host and turn into Treasurer.
  • Remember each camper provides their own plates and silverware.
  • All extra snacks and trinkets are at the expense of the Host and Co-Host, and they can ask for the rally members to share in the cost.
  1. Plan the agenda and suggest activities; make this available to the rally members. Agenda should include arrival appetizers, club breakfast, potlucks, special outings, and games like cards, ringers or baseball.
  2. Keep a white board with the day’s agenda and display in a general location.
  3. Try to help all attendees meet their goals for the outing. Encourage camaraderie through participation.
  4. Update Webmaster prior to camp out for accurate information for members’ reference. Find volunteers to take pictures throughout the camp out who will then forward them to the Webmaster as soon as possible after camp out.
  5. Please see Bylaws and Policy and Procedure on the website under Home/Chapter Information.

Updated 4-25-2017