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Charter Bylaws
charter bylaws of the

Rambling Suns RV Group

of the Sun city elks #2559


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The name of this group shall be: Rambling Suns RV Group of Sun City Elks #2559. All future reference to this group shall be: Rambling Suns RV Group.


This group, an association of Elk members, was formed for the purpose of recreation and fellowship.


Persons requesting membership in the Rambling Suns RV Group must be a member in good standing or (associate member) in good standing of Sun City Elks Lodge #2559. Membership eligibility shall also include the spouse or significant other of any deceased member of the Sun City Elks#2559. Group voting privileges shall be reserved to members that are current with dues in both Elks Lodge #2559 and Rambling Suns RV Group. The Rambling Suns RV Group shall be and adult only group.

Badges and shirts will be available for a fee.


A fee of $10.00 (non-refundable) is required for each new membership. In addition, dues shall be $24.00 per membership per year (April 1 to March 31). Dues must be paid by April 1st. A grace period will be granted until the day of the April meeting after which a $10.00 reinstatement fee plus remaining year dues may be required. Members who remain delinquent shall be removed from the roster. In the event of a new member joining during the dues year, dues shall be prorated at $2.00 per month for the remaining months. The membership fee remains the same. Members who have not paid their dues by the end of the grace period shall be removed from the roster. Any delinquent member must pay the $10.00 fee plus year dues to reinstate membership.


The following officers will be elected to a 2 year term during odd numbered years – President, Secretary, and Wagon Master.

On even numbered years the following officers will be elected to a 2 year term – Vice President, Treasurer, Historian, Webmaster and Membership

The elected officers of this group for 2 year terms shall be: ** odd year’s xx even years.

President **      Secretary **      Wagon Master**

Vice President xx      Treasurer xx       Historian/ Webmaster xx     Membership Officer xx

Election of officers will be held at our regular meeting in March. Newly elected officers will take their office at the April meeting.

Duties of Officers shall be as defined in the Policies and Procedures of the Rambling Suns RV Group.

A voting eligible paid up member must be present to vote. Any voting eligible paid up member can hold office.


Meetings shall be held at the Sun City Elks dining room on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm. or at such other time or place as the president may designate as a special meeting. June, July >and August will be inactive months unless a group is scheduled to rally and is announced by the April meeting.


Campouts will be held on the 2nd and/or 4th week of a month when practical as not to conflict with lodge meeting night.

The wagon master or host shall be the only group person to contact the campground for any reason regarding the campout.

Reservations should be made with the host. Due to campground policy you may lose your fees if you fail to cancel or attend the campout. Cancellation policy information shall be made available by the host. It is preferable that the host collect reservations and fees. Campground policies may make it necessary to allow individual attendees to reserve their own site via phone or e-mail.

Adult guests may attend campouts provided space is available and their attendance does not prohibit attendance by a member of the group. Members shall be responsible for the camping fees and conduct of their guests.

A prospective member may attend one campout as a guest before joining the grouped Members with pets shall maintain proper control and be responsible for such pets in accordance with campground regulations. See Policies and Procedures).


Parliamentary authority shall be these Bylaws and Policies and Procedures, Sun City Elks #2559 and Grand Lodge Statutes. Final interpretations s the responsibility of the Board of Officers.


Nothing in these Bylaws shall constitute members of this organization as partners for any purpose. No member or officer shall be liable for the acts or failure to act on the part of any other member or officer of this group and shall not be responsible for the loss or damage of property or for injury or death of any person while in attendance at campout, rally or meeting. By becoming a member of this group, you accept responsibility for yourself and will not hold the Elks, the Sun City Elks #2559, Rambling Suns RV Group or any member liable for his/her actions.

The liability clause shall be signed each member and will become part of the membership records.


The President will appoint, as necessary, a Bylaws committee made up of 5 members, who will review and recommend any changes in writing to the members. Bylaws changes will be voted on at the next regular meeting after change presentation. All members shall receive a copy of the Bylaws, any subsequent changes, copy of Policies and Procedures and a current roster.


In the event of dissolution of this group, all remaining funds shall be given to the Sun City Elks#2559.

Revised 10th January 2019